ZGB  type  cycling  scraper  film  evaporator is a new type of highly efficient evaporator for film falling evaporating in vacuum condition. It has great heat transfer factor, short period of overflowing, and is flexible in operation, so it is especially applicable for evaporation and concentration of heat sensitive materials,materials of high viscidity and crystal particles.Therefore,it is widely used in fields of chemical industry, petroleum industry, medical industry, food industry and fine chemical industry.

本蒸发器采用离心式滑动沟槽转子,是目前国外最新结构蒸发器,在流量很小的情况下也能形成薄膜,在筒体蒸发段内壁表面附着处理液中的淤积物可被活动刮板迅速移去,和固定间隙的刮板蒸发器相比,蒸发量可提高 40-69%,它具有以下特点:
1. 传热系数值高,蒸发能力大,蒸发强度可达到200kg /m2hr,热效 率高。
2. 物料加热时间短,约5秒至10秒之间,且在真空条件下工作,对热敏性物料更为有利,保持各种成份不产生任何分解,保证产品质量。
3. 适应粘度变化范围广,高低粘度物均可以处理,物料粘度可高达10万厘泊(CP)。

The evaporator adopts centrifugal sliding slot rotors,so it is a type of evaporator with the most updated structure in foreign countries. The films can be formed when flow is very minor,and accumulated dirties in liquids attaed to interior walls of tanks can be scraped off quickly. Compared with the evaporators with fixed clearances, the evaporating quantity can be enhanced by 40-69%.And its performance characteristics are as following:
1. Great heat transfer factor, great capability in evaporation, up to 200 kg/m2hr, high heat efficiency.
2. Period of heating is short,around 5~10 seconds.And in vacuum condition,it is beneficial to heat sensitive materials to prevent decom-posing of all contents for good quality of products.
3. Wide  range  of  viscidity  can be adapted, materials of various viscidity can be processed, viscidity can reach 100, 000 CP.