1. 机组由提取罐、列管式加热器、蒸发器、冷凝器、油分器、收油器、药液泵、计量槽、贮液罐、过滤器、真空泵、配电柜等组成。提取罐、蒸发器顶蒸汽出口均设置了除沫器。无蒸汽加热的单位,可加配导热油加热系统。
2. 可进行热回流循环提取、浓缩,常规提取、浓缩、水沉 ( 醇沉)、渗漉等操作。

3. 能在负压、常压、正压状态下工作。可适应水提、醇提或溶剂提取,符合GMP要求。
4. 机组在多功能、高效率、节能、操作范围广等方面具有很大优势。在综合性能方面,国内领先。它是天然植物药提取方面的中试设备。

1. the group consists of distilling pot, pipe heater, evaporator, cooler, oil separator, oil collector, medicine liquid pump, weighting vent, liquid storage pot, filter, vacuum pump, and electric box. Deformers are fixed in the steam outlet of the distilling pot and evaporator. The units without steam heating can be fixed with oil heating system.
2.It can operate to hot recycling distill and condense, normal distill, condense, deposit and seep.
3.It can work in the condition of minus pressure, normal pressure, and plus pressure. It can apply to distill water, ethanol and solvent, up to GMP standard.
4.The group has great advantages in multi-function, high efficiency, energy saving, and wide operation arrange. It pioneers in comprehensive capacity in nationwide; it is the pilot equipment in distilling natural herbal medicine, especially fit for research institution, universities and colleges, and factory pilot experiment, or distilling valued medicine, or low temperature fresh herbal. It has been widely used in factories.