The single-effect external circulation vacuum concentrator is composed of heater, evaporator, defoamer, condenser, cooler and liquid receiving tank. The parts that contact materials are all made of stainless steel. The equipment is applicable to evaporation and concentration of liquid materials in pharmacy, food, chemical industry and light industry etc. industries. The concentrating time is short and the evaporating speed is high, which can better protect the heat sensitive materials from being damaged.

一:WZ 单效外循环真空浓缩器为普通型,用于水溶液的蒸发。
二:WZH  单效外循环真空浓缩回收器为酒精回收型,用于酒精溶液的蒸发,较大的冷凝冷却面积,确保酒精回收,回收浓度达到70~85°,酒精损耗率<5%,酒精回收后温度<40℃。
三:WZS 单效外循环真空浓缩收膏器,用于单效蒸发及收浓膏。在单效正常蒸发后,关闭加热室与蒸发室连接喷管及循环管的阀门,将料液全部进入蒸发室,通过蒸发室的夹套加热,进行常压式减压浓缩,提高物料的浓缩比重至1.35-1.45。

I. WZ single-effect external circulation vacuum concentrator is the ordinary type, which is used for evaporation of water solution.
II. WZH single-effect external circulation vacuum recovery concentrator is the alcohol recovery type, which is used for evaporation of alcohol solution. It has higher cooling area to ensure the alcohol recovery. Its recovery strength reaches 70~85°, the alcohol consumption rate is less than 5% and the alcohol temperature after the recovery is less than 40℃.
III. WZS single-effect external circulation vacuum ointment collection concentrator is used for single-effect evaporation and thick ointment collection. After the normal single-effect evaporation, the valves connecting the spraying tube and circulating tube in the heating chamber and evaporating chamber will be closed. The liquid materials will fully enter the evaporating chamber and through the jacket heating in the evaporating chamber, normal pressure type or pressure relief type concentration will be carried out. The concentration specific gravity of materials will be increased to 1.35-1.45.