The residual air will enter into the condenser and become solvent,and  after reflux it will enter into the extracting tank.It will enter into the heater for condensed liquid to carry out heat exchange and make the tem perature of condensed liquid approximate to the boiling point of solution in  the extracting tank.Then the residual air will enter into condenser.As the solvent has large reflux quantity, the density of solute in the medicine and solvent keeps high gradient, and the solute will be rapidly dissolved.   
The extraction and concentration are synchronous with continuous discharge of concentrated liquid, thus, the process is greatly reduced and only requires 4-6 hours.
As the reflow temperature of condensed liquid is approximate to the boiling point of solution in extracting tank,the energy consumption is very low.The whole unit is operated under airproof equipment, so the solve has little consumption.
The whole unit is controlled by industrial control computer, through which, heating temperature,evaporation temperature,reflow temperature,system vacuum pressure, liquid level of solvent in extracting tank, concentration of concentrated liquid and liquid level of evaporation concentrating tank can be set and controlled.Thus, the technology process can be operated reliably, stably and safely. With good technology performance, the ointment-collecting rate is enhanced.Water or alcohol solvent distillation in conditions of negative pressure, normal pressure and positive pressure, especially low-temperature distillation of heat sensitive materials can be made. The process flow of the unit hasreasonable and compact layout, beautiful appearance and low pollution,which is in accordance with GMP requirements.
The unit has many advantages such as high efficiency, energy saving, multifunction.
As to the comprehensive performance,it is at the leading position in domestic. It is modernized technology equipment keeping pace with international natural plant medicine. Our company can also produce ordinary manual control unit or semi-automatic control unit to satisfy different requirements of customers.
The unit not only has good functions for extraction and concentration of traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese herbal medicine (Dry product),but also has powerful functions for extraction and concentration of fresh plant products at low temperature with fresh flavor preserved, such as the extraction and concentration of flower and asparagus etc. fresh products. It has applied in traditional Chinese medicine factories and health product factories, which shows its powerful function advantages.  
The equipment is also applicable to the extraction and condensation of natural condiments and food additives concerning animals and halobios.